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Breakaway IMP S Bait Clips packs of 10


The Imp is a clever little devil, and thats just what it is, a small neat bait clip that fits into the fast link and can be added or removed from rigs during fishing. Since its introduction the Imp has found fame in the U S A. Australia and S Africa because of this we have modified the fast link to make it stronger so it can cope with 50lb hook lengths and wire snoods. as there is little stretch in heavy snoods the fast links where distorting, we had no problems in the U K as lighter hook lengths are used, PERFECTED BY NIGEL FORREST FROM AN ORIGINAL IDEA FROM NICK MEYER BREAKAWAY U S A. PROTECTED BY FULL BRITISH PATENT AND EUROPEAN COPYRIGHT All Imps come with a Fast link as Well.

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  • Modello: accessori surf casting
  • 1 disponibilità in magazzino
  • Prodotto da: Breakaway

Prodotto inserito in catalogo sabato 23 ottobre, 2010.

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